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Racing Simulator

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Shipping Weight


Carton Dimensions (cm)

PS-2000-N-2 58(L) x 77(W) x 17(H)
PS-1000-N-2 57(L) x 81(W) x 22(H)
PS-F03-NR-2 60(L) x 84(W) x 40(H)

Carton Weight

PS-2000-N-2 15kg
PS-1000-N-2 17.5kg
PS-F03-NR-2 17.5kg

  • Manufacturer: DXRacer
  • Compatible with Logitech G25 & G27 steering wheel (steering wheel, foot pedals and gear stick not included)
  •   Modular design for faster assembly
  •   Equipped with sliding rails
  •   An Adjustable Steering Wheel Platform
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Product Description

DXRacer Racing Simulator

Packing list

  • 1 × PS/1000/N
    – Five Gear to adjust angles: from 45° up to 90°
    – 30.5 cm of adjustable height
    – Easy storage
    – Compatible with Logitech G25 & G27 steering wheel (Not Included)
    – Gear platform: 11cm x 12.5cm
    – Base Thickness: 3cm
    – Full Steel Frame Weight is over 10kg
  • 1 × PS/2000/N
    – 3 Gear adjustment
    – Adjustable Height up to 10cm
    – Base thickness: 3cm
  • 1 × PS/F03/NR
    – Adjustable System: The angle of the chair can be adjusted to any degree up to 170°.
    – Recommended weight: 265 lbs / 120 kg
    – Minimum recommended height: 170 cm
    – Maximum recommended height: 180 cm
  • 2 X Shifter stand
    (one for the right cockpit, one for left cockpit)
  • 10 X Cable manager
  • Screws


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